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In 1905, eleven-year-old Tess Douglas respects her elders and behaves like a proper young lady, caught between her idyllic childhood and the prospect of growing up in an unforgiving world as war and hopelessness tear her family apart. A mysterious telegram compels her mother to drag Tess from Vancouver, the only home she has known, to Dawson City, a strange city created in the middle of nowhere by the Klondike gold rush. Tess refuses to accept her new home until an eccentric friend draws her into a freedom she had not thought possible. As Tess discovers mystery, murder and intrigue, she must face her darkest fear and confront the menace before her family is destroyed forever. A timeless story for all ages, about a young girl facing love, loss, and choices that will change her life.

In her latest novel, T.A. Leinemann writes about family and friendship, universal themes, whether they take place in the past, present, or future.

Flight Control, Book Two of the Hover Chronicles

flight-controlIn this sequel to “Arcadia Deception”, city dwellers are safe, thanks to Cadence Shields and her friends.

The threat of oppression is over, yet people remain hesitant to change their lives of leisure. They want Arcadia to continue taking care of them. Cadie and her brother Jack work on a plan to help them lead their own lives.

With her children occupied with work, Lila embarks on her own journey towards self-sufficiency. A wellness retreat offers a chance to heal, but at a cost.

Cadie must decide between saving society and rescuing her mother before it’s too late.

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Arcadia Deception, Book One of the Hover Chronicles

51ntgekvullArcadia (means ‘Harmony with nature’) is the umbrella corporation that takes over where hovering parents left off. It takes place fifty years in the future (year 2065). A fun, light read – my glimpse into the future (but, remember, I’m not that techy, just imaginative).

In the year 2065, helicopter parents have succeeded in bubble-wrapping the world. With fear keeping everyone indoors, people in the cities have never been safer.

Online gaming provides the main source of income for everyone, trading points for basic needs, and one company, Arcadia, controls the distribution of everything.

Cadence Shields has known no other life. When a glitch in the food delivery system limits access to food in the cities, Cadence must learn to navigate an unfamiliar world in order to save her family and humanity.

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