The Author

Theresa Annette Leinemann was born in Ottawa, in the early 1960s, to a registered nurse and an RCMP constable, who met on a train while escorting a prisoner to a mental health facility.  All the elements of an interesting historical romance? She would agree.

Terry is the mother of three young women who were encouraged to express their creativity and imagination throughout their childhood without too much interference from their mother who was probably immersed in a book.  She has been married for thirty six years.

In the spring of 2016,  Terry and her husband sold their home and bought a 37-foot Class A, Triple E motor home (for Excitement, Enthusiasm, and Enrichment). They spent the summer working and living in the Yukon Territory at a gold mining operation near the Alaskan border, complete with bears, panning for gold, and learning that adventure is in Terry’s blood.  Her great-grandfather and great uncle had endured adversity and hardship as prospectors during the gold rush of 1898.

The year 2019 brings much of the same, and after another winter in the RV they will return to the Yukon for another mining season.


Writing is a solitary activity but once I decided to publish and share my work, I could not proceed on my own without a little help from my friends and family. I have had the privilege of knowing many talented and gifted people who contributed their time and talent to help me bring my books into being.

Christina Knittel and Johanna Leinemann designed the covers of all of my books, Arcadia Deception, Flight Control, and Tess.

Andrea Magee of Amagee Photography graciously allowed the use of the author photo on the back covers.

My father, Robert, a talented wood carver, has been my biggest supporter with his excitement and enthusiasm toward my stories. He has helped with advice, proofreading, and promotion of my completed novel to friends and family.

My sister-in-law, Patty generously read the first rough drafts and offered valuable advice and ideas on how to improve the stories which I welcomed with a great deal of appreciation.